Single Magazine Loader ( LD-SM )


The PCB Single Magazine Loader load PCBs to downstream machines in the SMT line, it is ideally place at start of SMT line where space constrain.
PCBs are load from magazine via pneumatic pusher with regulated push force control.
The Single Magazine Loader has 1 magazine capacity.
The communication between the Loader to downstream machine establish via a SMEMA signal.
Touch screen are standard for all model, modes of operation and parameter are input via touch screen display.
Manual mode with individual control of all Motors and Pneumatic actuators.


  • Rigid Aluminium extrusion structure with mild steel base
  • Low noise nylon chain magazine transfer
  • ESD version available
  • Single or Multi Magazine buffer available
  • Regulated air pusher force control
  • Standard 4 pitch with offset top/bottom pitch selection
  • Loading from Top or Bottom of magazine selection
  • Background suppression type Photo Sensor for false free PCBs detection
  • Standard SMEMA interface
  • Standard or customize magazine
  • Standard / Eco and CE certified version available