Roller Conveyor ( RC-SD )


The Roller Conveyor are suitable for all kinds of heavy and light duty transfer needs, it is ideally for transfer Carton Box, Pallets and Bulky item with flat base.
Various width and height & length can be configure to suite to the needs.
Various type of Roller drives are available, Single Sprocket, Double Sprocket, Free Drives.
Photo sensor can be incorporate for end of line process to stop Carton or Pallets when reaching end of conveyor.

  • Rigid & Strong Metal structure and support legs
  • High quality Roller are used, customer preferred Roller’s brand ( Interoll, etc… ) can be arrange
  • Standard Angle bar side guide, for easy adjustment and reconfiguration
  • Speed can be adjust via option with variable speed control
  • Standard Sumitomo motor ( Japan ) are used, Others brand ( SEW, Nord etc… ) available on request