Free Flow Conveyor ( FF6 )


The Free Flow Conveyor also know as Triple Speed Conveyor are suitable for various assemble process.
As the name imply the Pallet or Product place on top of conveyor are moving 3 times faster than the speed of chain,
This result in smaller drives to be implement and thus reduce cost.
The Free Flow Conveyor are constructed in Aluminium Extrusion for easy setup and layout.
Electrical or Pneumatic controlled Stopper can be place along the conveyor to separate product or pallets for assembly process.
Lift and Transfer Unit ( LTU ) can be install for cross transfer to adjacent conveyor line for a close loop conveyor systems.
Compact Lifter can be install at the end of line for pallet return conveyor systems.
Continue electrical power track for assembly process need power up or run-in.


  • Rigid Aluminium extrusion structure, integrated or separate side guide available.
  • Individual direct shaft gear motor drive for easy installation and reconfiguration.
  • Low noise free flow roller chain transfer, ESD and Snap Cover version available.
  • Continues electrical power collector track with parts detect sensor for safety.
  • Electrical or Pneumatic controlled Stopper.
  • Powered Roller or Twin Belt Lift and Transfer unit available.
  • Powered Roller or Twin Belt Compact Lifter available.
  • Conveyor accessory, Shelf, Bin holder, Tools hanger, LED Lighting available. •PLC control for full turn-key automation integration available.