Belt Mini Conveyor ( BMC )


The Belt Mini Conveyor are suitable for all kinds of transfer needs, it is ideally for transfer small package and parts before and after processing.
Various width and height & length can be configure to suite to the needs.
Incline & decline configuration is available most suitable for Moulding process.
Various Belt type are available, 1-ply, 2-ply, Food Grade, ESD type.
Photo sensor can be incorporate for end of line process to stop belt when product reaching end of line.


  • Rigid Aluminium extrusion structure and support legs
  • High quality belt are used, customer preferred belt’s brand ( Habasit, Ammeraal ) can be arrange
  • Clamp type Aluminium side guide, for easy adjustment and reconfiguration
  • Belt speed are standard with variable speed control
  • Standard Korea branded motor are used, Japan Oriental Motor available on request