Auto Screw Station ( ASDH )


The Auto Screw Station is customised develop for screw application process for all kinds of consumable product eg. Blue Ray / DVD / CD Player, LED TV, HIFI Amplifier / Receiver.
Screw can be apply to Top panel, Top base or Rear panel.
Each screw mounting position height can be set through touch screen.
Screw are dispense from vibrator bowl and customised screw separator with vacuum to hold the screw and fastening.
Servo driven ( all axis ) via ball screw slide for accurate positioning and easy teaching for difference screw position or model.
Touch screen are detachable for easy teaching position.
Rigid all Aluminium profile structure and metal base for smooth positioning..


  • Rigid all Aluminium structure and metal base
  • Servo Drive and ball screw slide for all axis.
  • Vibrator Bowl with screw separator.
  • Hios screw driver with Vacuum hold mechanism.
  • Detachable touch screen for easy teaching position.
  • Difference type or model can be teach through touch screen.
  • Vertical and horizontal screw fastening.
  • Screw M3 threaded or self-tapping, others size can be customized.